Mar 21

Irish Inspired Window Shades & More

Irish Sun Screens For Windows


An Irish sun screen is a name that is sometimes used to call a solar shade or solar screen.

This type of window shade is awesome because it had lots of great features that other types of window shades simply do not. The most important feature is the ability to block light while still allowing you to keep your view.

Most people who purchase a solar screen do so for this feature alone. You can find solar screens in high rises or apartments because people want to keep their view that they paid so much money for.

Another great feature of sun screens is that they reduce the heat. This feature is extremely popular with people who live in hot climates. You can find some great solar shades at Prime Blinds Online , they sell all types of blackout blinds at their site at and by chance if you need solar window shades they also make them at Since they reduce the amount of heat coming through the window and inside your home, the A/C doesn’t have to be turned on as frequently. This leads to savings on the power bill. Eventually, the savings begin to pile up and will end up paying for the sun screen. As you can see, sun screens have many benefits.

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